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Fic: The Brothers Wolf

Title: The Brothers Wolf
Author: Pinigir
Genre: Fairy Tales
Characters/Pairing: Three wolves and their intended victims
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Slightly dark for a fairy tale
Summary: The (ill) adventures of three fairy tale wolves.
Notes: Based on Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf And The Seven Young Kids and Three Little Pigs. Another thing: this is an approximate translation of a story I wrote in Dutch. The original can be found here.

The Brothers Wolf

Once there were three wolves. They were brothers, all three born with a great hunger.
They would love nothing more than to stuff themselves with little children, kids, piglets, lambs and more, but they didn’t get the chance. These days, it was not so easy anymore for a wolf to get a fresh meal. More and more often they were forced to get their meat at the butcher’s, which was really beneath their dignity. The quality and freshness of the meat often wasn’t the best one could hope for, either. If things continued like this, they might even be forced to become vegetarians! That couldn’t happen to any self respecting wolf, could it!?

Meanwhile, the brothers had become desperate. All three had had more than enough of having to go to the butcher’s like some poor slobs. They were Big Bad Wolves, not stupid lapdogs! It was time to take their fate in their own hands. Each on their own, they decided to do anything in their power to obtain at least one real prey.

In the forest, the oldest brother ran into a cute little girl with a red riding hood. She was so succulent and juicy, that he would love nothing more than to jump her and devour her right away. He held himself in check, because she could easily run away, were he to attack her now. Instead of doing that, he questioned her, hoping she would, in her innocence, give him information which could help him later to gobble her up anyway. She said she was going to visit her ill grandmother, who lived all alone in a little house in the woods. The guileless little girl even told him how to get there. This was a perfect opportunity, which he would certainly take advantage of!

The wolf easily located the little house of the ill grandmother. The woman lay in bed and wasn’t even able to flee from him. In one go he swallowed her up. She might have been a bit of a tough old lady, but human meat still was a delicacy. And later, the little girl would come, defenseless and all alone. He would have that tender bit of meat all to himself. The old lady was only an entrée to that delicious main course.

The wolf put on granny’s clothes and went to lie in the bed, and waited for the girl to come. Soon, his patience was rewarded. It wasn’t hard to pretend to be the little girl’s granny. The child asked a few questions about the strange appearance of granny, but with each reassuring answer she came closer. When she asked him about his teeth, she finally was within his reach. And, with one swallow, she was gone. Yummy, that was delicious! Maybe even tastier than he’d thought!

After all that food, his belly was quite full, which made him sleepy. He decided to take a nap in the comfortable bed of the grandmother. He didn’t have to go anywhere for now, so he could just as well make use of the fact that he had a wonderfully soft bed at his disposal.

After having slept well, the wolf woke up. But wait, what was going on? His stomach didn’t feel right at all. The food was weighing heavy on his stomach and he was enormously thirsty. He wanted to drink to relieve himself of this nasty feeling. The little girl had said that her grandmother had been sick. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to eat the old lady, after all. It seemed like he had to pay for it now.

The wolf hurried himself to the well to take a drink. When it seemed he couldn’t consume enough water, he bent forward. Before he knew it, he fell into the water of the well with a splash. And, whatever he did, he couldn’t succeed in getting back up again. His last thought, before everything went black, was that maybe he shouldn’t have wished to be a respectable wolf.

The second brother knew of a mother goat with seven kids. He had set his eyes on these tender little snacks, but he hadn’t seen a chance to get to them yet. The mother didn’t let the little ones out of her sight. He would really have to be clever to be able to get his dream meal, but it was more than worth it and he did have a few ideas.

He waited and waited and finally got his chance. The mother had to go to the marked and left her children at home, on their own. He knocked on the door, pretending to be a merchant. To his irritation, he was recognized by his rough voice. After he found a bit of chalk and swallowed it to make his voice softer, he tried again. Now, they recognized him because of his black paws! He was starting to get impatient...

He had to threaten the miller to be able to whiten his paw with wheat. Luckily, the darling little lamb chops let him inside this time. By the time they realized that he was the Big Bad Wolf, it was too late. All of them ran to hide, but it was of no use. He found them one before the other and devoured them one by one. Eventually, he couldn’t find any other, though he had an inkling that still one little kid was missing. It didn’t matter: he was full enough.

After his perfect meal, the wolf wanted to savor the aftertaste. He left the little, cramped house of the goats and found a beautiful, shaded place underneath a tree to rest. All that food had made him tired. It didn’t take long before he fell asleep contented.

When the wolf woke up, he immediately noticed that something was wrong with him. It felt as if his stomach was filled with stones. What could be wrong? Maybe he shouldn’t have gobbled up all the little kids so quick after another. Maybe it would have been better to take more time. Whatever it was, he couldn’t change anything about it anymore. What he could do, was take a sip of water. That could help him digest his meal. Hm, now that he thought about it: he had a raging thirst.

The wolf dragged himself to the well and began to gulp down water. He leaned forward more and more, until he suddenly lost his balance. He wasn’t able to regain his balance and fell head first into the well. There, he discovered to his great shock that he couldn’t get out anymore: he was trapped. The only thing that awaited him now, was death by drowning. He was going to pay for his gluttony with his life! If only he had just been content with the meat from the butcher’s! He didn’t have much time to bemoan his fate, before everything stopped.

The third of the Brothers Wolf had set his sight on three piglets. They were three brothers and all of them just as deliciously fat. They had just reached the age on which they could live on their own. He had eavesdropped on a fight between them, in which each of the three brothers had declared to go and build a house for himself. It suited him fine: each little piggy handily “canned” and with no one there to save him.

The first little pig had built a house of straw, the lazy sod. This was almost too easy: with one blow nothing was left of the little house. And there was the first little pig, shivering and right under his nose. Sadly enough, the poor thing wasn’t paralyzed in fear and had the presence of mind to flee. He hadn’t counted on that!

The wolf followed the little pig and his hope resurged, when he saw that it led him to the house of the second little pig. The piglet was inside before he could reach him, but now he had two piggies in one house. The second piglet had been a bit smarter than the first one and had built his home out of wood, but it still wasn’t strong enough to withstand the wolf. He had to blow a little harder, but he blew away the house of the second pig in no time. Now, he would have two piggies for the price of one, weren’t it for the fact that they managed to escape him. This wasn’t going well! But he didn’t give up.

The two pigs that had eluded him ran to the house of the third pig. Now there were three piglets in one little house. And this house was made of stone. The wolf tried with all his might, but he wasn’t able to blow this house away. The third pig had clearly been a lot smarter than his two brothers by building his house in stone. No matter what he tried, the wolf couldn’t find an entrance to this stone house. He thought about going in via the chimney, but he saw smoke coming out of it. Where there was smoke, there was fire. He wasn’t too keen on getting serious burns.

Eventually, the wolf had to give up. He was hungrier than ever before, but there was no chance to help himself to even one of the tasty little pigs. He could do nothing else than to go to the butcher with his tail between his legs and order the usual. The enormous hole that was his stomach had to be filled in some way.

When the third wolf came to hear what had happened to his two brothers, he had to conclude that he had been lucky. His brothers had died for the meal of their lives. Because he had missed it, he had been spared such a fate. He decided that he didn’t need to be a respectable wolf if it meant that he could stay alive that way. He really didn’t want to end up like his brothers.

Constructive criticism and other forms of commentary are welcome!


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May. 25th, 2009 06:51 pm (UTC)
Ha!! That was awesome!! I completely approve.
May. 25th, 2009 07:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks! This was one of those wolf things I had been working on.
May. 25th, 2009 10:37 pm (UTC)
Well, I totally, totally approve. Lots.
May. 26th, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC)
Again, thanks! More related material might come. (Quality and speed not guaranteed.)
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